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Going All In

If the Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup, expect all of Las Vegas to celebrate—especially gamblers. With initial expectations low, bookmakers gave the expansion franchise long odds. That could lead to big payouts, but it's not all bad for sportsbooks. "It's created a ton of hockey fans who now will wager on every game," says Vegas bookmaker and USFantasy president Vic Salerno. "Hopefully over the years we'll make that back and more." Either way, Vegas wins.


Westgate's preseason odds for Vegas to win the Stanley Cup. Triple-digit odds were standard for the nascent franchise.


Your winnings if you placed a $10 bet on the Golden Knights winning the Cup at 500-to-1 odds.

$10 million

Salerno's high-end estimate for total sportsbook losses if the Golden Knights beat the Capitals to win the Stanley Cup. "It's really been a fun ride—if there is going to be that pain, that's going to help," the bookmaker says.