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FOR MAY 21, 2018


Innocent or not, Luke Heimlich placed himself in a precarious position when he pleaded guilty to child molestation against his niece. Ultimately his greatest achievement shouldn't be reaching the majors but making things right with his family.

William McCarthy Athens, Ga.

Only those who deal with these cases understand the subtleties, the gray areas and the nuance involved, but S.L. Price hit all the important points—juvenile justice, privacy, victims' rights, family trauma—with clarity. Given this moment in time it was important for this story to be intelligently told.

Douglas J. Monaghan Groton, Conn.

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I began to read with a hardened opinion against Heimlich. But as I continued, I had to reckon with the potential of true rehabilitation. I would hope that we'd all be afforded a second chance if our life was derailed at such a young age. But I also can't help but think that Heimlich is now coming forward to improve his image as the MLB draft nears. I don't know how to feel about Heimlich; I can only hope that he is a reformed person with the sincerest intentions.

Sara Nguyen New Haven, Conn.


The firing of Klinsmann betrayed the lunacy of the U.S. Soccer Federation. It was as if a run to the round of 16 suddenly made everyone an expert. Klinsmann is right; it will take having a slew of players in the best leagues in Europe for the U.S. to be a true World Cup contender on a regular basis.

Jay Margolis Delray Beach, Fla.


This article made me laugh, cry and think about issues beyond sports. As I read, I felt for Dwight Clark, but I was also happy for him, that he was able to have a great moment with teammates and coaches who helped make his NFL life.

Mike Bergeski Greentown, Pa.


The articles in this issue—from the cover story to Steve Rushin's 25-year retrospective on Cheers to the back-page column by Chargers coach Anthony Lynn, who graduated from UNLV last month, at 49—remind me why I subscribe. They offer glimpses into the wide-reaching influence of sports in our lives.

Carol O'Neill Cherry Hill, N.J.

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