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FOR JUNE 18, 2018


Kevin Durant had a chance with the Thunder, up 3--1 against the Warriors in the 2016 playoffs, "to demolish them, to take their heart," as he says now. He choked and failed, going on to lose that series in embarrassing fashion. Then he left Oklahoma City and joined a championship team. Now, all of a sudden, he should be praised for his killer instinct?

Daniel Ruiz (via Facebook) Taos, N.M.


Jeffrey Lurie's POINT AFTER on autism awareness lessens the sting of seeing my Patriots lose the Super Bowl because at least it was to a team whose leadership focuses on family rather than fortune. For the Eagles' owner to dedicate so many resources to bringing awareness to a disorder that affects his brother and his family sets an inspiring example for us all.

Mike Morton Gardnerville, Nev.

I had a hard time with Lurie's column—not because I disagree with his message; I too think many people would benefit from an increased understanding of autism spectrum disorders. But it felt ridiculous to read his claim that professional sports franchises have the ability and resources to cultivate positive social change after NFL owners so clearly undercut the Black Lives Matter movement.

Erin Lane-Aaronian Seekonk, Mass.


So when Bill Clinton and James Patterson get together to play golf, there are picked-up putts and balls rolled in the rough, but "no one is cheating." I suppose it again depends upon what the meaning of is is.

Tom Syta Los Angeles

This three-page book promotion for Clinton's nonsports book seemed much more like a thinly veiled attempt to allow the former president to take jabs at the current one.

Richard Barrow Murrieta, Calif.


I was disgusted by the stupidity of an evening of ruthless eating and drinking for the sake of wasting someone else's money. The $54,896 that the Cowboys players squandered that night could have been put to much better use. If they considered this "team building," how about spending the evening working with at-risk kids and acting like the role models they should be? Wouldn't that not only bond the players just as effectively but also leave them with a sense of pride rather than a hangover?

Rick Lombardi Dublin, Ohio

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