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Where Are They Now?

HERE'S THE thing about the Internet: The they in "Where Are They Now?" can be almost limitless. If you explore SI's digital arms over the next two weeks you'll find a slew of goodies beyond what's in these pages. Start at with an update on Rinku Singh, one of the two Indian pitching prospects who made headlines by earning an MLB tryout in 2008. What's he up to now? You'll have to follow us inside a WWE ring to find out. Over on SI TV, meanwhile, there's a short feature on Percy Harvin (above, with Duke) and a new '80s-style skate reel with a just-turned-50 Tony Hawk. And back on you'll find two engaging oral histories: One, from Jeremy Fuchs, on the Nickelodeon game show Guts, flashing back to when the Crag ruled kids' TV; and another, from Conor Orr, on Cris Carter and Randy Moss's 1998 Minnesota Vikings, who came within a missed Gary Anderson field goal of making it to Super Bowl XXXIII. Come for the Dennis Green tribute, stay for a glimpse of Moss's rookie-year pregame meal: Coke and Hot Tamales.


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