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FOR DECEMBER 17--24, 2018


SI's selection of the Golden State Warriors as Sportsperson of the Year is a testament to the unity of we being more powerful than the singular stardom of me, a testament to the idea that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. Also, a sports magazine that can include the second law of thermodynamics ("entropy") in its story is just one more example of why no other publication does a better job of illuminating the majesty, mystery and misery of sports than SI.

Jeffrey Hurwitz Warren, N.J.


I find it surprising that in your article on Justify, you mention the horse and the trainer but not the athlete, jockey Mike Smith. Kudos to jockeys are too often lacking. Let's not forget the athletes who train daily to ride one-ton animals traveling at 40 miles per hour. Give some credit where credit is due.

Laura Long Parkville, Md.


I am not a wrestling or WWE fan, but John Cena's selflessness makes me a huge supporter of his. We all have an obligation in society to help others. I salute those public figures who recognize that they have a platform to work from and don't just stop at a cursory hospital visit. We should all follow Cena's example.

David Levin Villanova, Pa.


Kudos to the student-athletes at Oregon State for bringing the issue of mental health to everyone's attention [SCORECARD]. As the father of a former D-I soccer player whose career was cut short by multiple concussions, followed by years of mental health troubles, our family saw firsthand the devastation of mental illness. Unfortunately there are far too many student-athletes who are still suffering, many in silence. Awareness is only the first step—it must be supported by action at all levels of college athletics.

Ed Granfield West Haven, Conn.


The article by Stephanie Apstein highlighting Rachael Denhollander's mettle and generosity of spirit toward fellow victims while striving to protect other young women was simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing her story, and for the uplifting collection of articles about other athletes who are giving back.

Amanda Purdy Hamilton, Ohio

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