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DEC. 28, 1998

"In fact it is possible that 1998 was the best sports year in the whole damn 20th century."

—Frank Deford, "The Best Years Of Our Lives"

DEC. 29, 2008

"Like David Tyree's prolate-spheroid-meets-curved-helmet, physics-defying catch, the best sports year came out of nowhere."

—Michael Farber, "The Best Sports Year Ever"

AUG. 24, 2015

"When Super Bowl XLIX was decided on a goal line interception it prefigured a sports year that would make a mockery of the odds."

—Ben Baskin, "The Best Year Ever"

DEC. 19, 2016

"If 2016 was among the greatest sports years ever, it was also a year to remind us that sports can be about more than, well, sports."

—Editors of SI "Greatest of the Great"