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Going Wilder

CAN YOU TELL me how to get ... fly-fishing lessons from a former NFL coach and into a sports debate with Sesame Street characters? Tune in to the second season of The Wilder Project on SI.TV. In addition to her adventures with Jeff Fisher (above) and Oscar the Grouch (below), Charlotte Wilder will design novelty hot dogs with the Diamondbacks' chef, hang out with die-hard soccer fans in Atlanta and ride (a little too fast) in a Porsche with NFL players Austin Hooper, Keanu Neal and Marshall Newhouse.

Back in the studio Wilder will be joined by guests who include the NFL Network's Kay Adams, comedian Rachel Feinstein and broadcaster Soledad O'Brien. "It's been such a blast traveling around the country with my producer, Jessica Smetana [who's also her cohost on Most Valuable Podcast]," says Wilder. "I hope this season of The Wilder Project is funny, surprising and delightful for audiences. I want everyone to have as much fun watching it as I've had making it."


Before MLS kicked off its 24th season last weekend, Grant Wahl sat down with 20th-year commissioner Don Garber (below), who recently signed an extension through 2023. On the Planet Fútbol podcast they discussed plans for expansion to 28 teams and how the league uses data to make big strategic decisions.

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