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Life and Legacy

ON APRIL 6, 2018, a bus carrying the Humboldt (Saskatchewan) Broncos junior hockey team to a playoff game in Nipawin was T-boned at a rural highway intersection by a tractor-trailer carrying packages of peat moss. The horrific crash claimed the lives of 16 people and injured 13 others. From the depths of this tragedy, the grieving family of one of the players—Logan Boulet—has found comfort in knowing their loss has led to a movement of selflessness and generosity.

In The Logan Effect, SI Films shares the story of Boulet, who had registered as an organ donor on his 21st birthday, just a few weeks before the crash. After news of his selfless act went viral, nearly 100,000 Canadians were inspired to sign their donor cards as well. A year later that number has more than doubled. "When there's tragedies, we always try to look for the light in these dark times," says Mary Agnant, the director of the film. After spending several weeks in Humboldt and with Boulet's family in Lethbridge, Alberta, Agnant witnessed many inspiring moments amid the sadness: "As one of the subjects in the documentary said, 'This is something that's the worst day of your life but there's some sort of catharsis knowing you can turn this tragedy into something that could help other people.'"


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