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FOR APRIL 8, 2019


After a race I saw at the Special Olympics (SCORECARD), a young lady, waving her medal, yelled, "Look, Mom and Dad, I won! I won!" Someone on staff for the event found the parents crying profusely and asked if anything was the matter. They replied, "That's the first time we've ever heard her speak!" That is why it's imperative to keep up funding for the Special Olympics.

Bob Heasley

Sewickley, Pa.

Who claims anyone doesn't love the Special Olympics? Even with the proposed cut of $17.6 million from the federal government, the Special Olympics still would've received more than $100 million in private funding. So the program would still have gone on. So I'm not sure why you used "zero out" in the opening of your story. Perhaps a little context next time?

Chad Carafa

Painesville, Ohio


Dwyane Wade had the chance to hold the title of Mr. Miami forever. Instead he chose a big payday in free agency with Chicago. Dan Marino still holds that title in my book.

Braun Wald

Ozark, Ark. (Via Facebook)


I'm so glad that SI published a story highlighting Virginia's run to the Final Four, Texas Tech's elite defense and Auburn's historic upsets of blue-blood programs. You also published a story lamenting that Duke and Zion Williamson weren't still in the tournament. Is it too much to ask that you forget about Zion for five seconds and instead reward the Michigan State team that beat him and the Dukies?

Vincent Vanderscheuren

Fond du Lac, Wis.


Dan Jenkins's motley crew of playing partners on the links were an otherwise normal group of duffers from 54 years ago in a Fort Worth suburb (SI, March 25--April 1). Jenkins wrote about them in a most engaging way, and their nicknames had me giggling throughout. But two images jumped out at me and illustrated what a great writer Jenkins was. The first was about "heavily starched shirts that crackled like crunched glass." And this gem: "In Texas in August you can see the heat. It looks like germs under a microscope." Jenkins helped me experience what he did on the golf course. He will be greatly missed.

Ed Albanesi

St. Augustine, Fla.

My best time on the course was when I played for fun. Thanks, Dan, for the memories.

Tim Ackert


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