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Grand Adventure

BEING THE subject of incessant trade rumors isn't easy for anyone, and that includes 22-year-old quarterback Josh Rosen, who went 3--10 as a rookie with the Cardinals last season. So after finishing three of the classes he needs for his economics degree at UCLA, Rosen rented an RV and headed for the Grand Canyon to relax and spend time with some former Bruins teammates. In the latest episode of 24 Hours With ..., SI TV rode along with Rosen as he discussed everything from how he deals with trolls ("As long as it's not too offensive, I just try to roll with it") to his generation's responsibility to take care of the environment to his comprehensive plan for reforming the NCAA. "I don't believe the student-athlete model should be blown up and thrown away," he says, "but quite frankly, it's just un-American to take someone who's the best at what they do and mandate that they have to do it up until a certain age, and for three years in college, and for free, up until they're allowed to go into the free market and use their skills to make money." One thing is sure: The young quarterback isn't afraid to fire away.


Growing up in Omaha, Terence (Bud) Crawford was kicked out of several schools for fighting. He learned to focus his efforts in the ring and has become a two-time welterweight champ. As he trained to fight Amir Khan on April 20, Crawford sat down for the Big Interview with SI senior writer Greg Bishop and talked about how Omaha made him the fighter he is today.


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