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FOR MAY 6, 2019


Before I read Stephanie Apstein's article I thought of White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson as immature. After reading it, I can see his point of view a little better. I understand and applaud his efforts to bring baseball to inner-city kids, his willingness to sign autographs and to take photos. I can certainly get behind his notion of making baseball fun. I admire his desire to join the conversation about race in America.

Michael Jennings

Hot Springs, Ark.

Anderson may be suffering slightly from delusions of grandeur when he says, "I kind of feel like today's Jackie Robinson." Not quite. There was nothing worse in baseball's history than the color line—and the way African-American players were treated back in the day. Anderson's blatant profanity, and arrogant behavior in general, do not conjure up memories of the immortal Robinson.

Bill Schaefer

Springfield, N.J.


I once had the honor of meeting John Havlicek (POINT AFTER) and sitting with him. He was a true gentleman. He will be missed.

Bob Dressler

Corona, Calif.


Conor Orr's story on the Alliance of American Football was concise in describing yet another failed football startup. With a long history of previous NFL challengers falling short, it wasn't unexpected that the AAF would nosedive. It's sad that more than 940 industrious employees had to have their lives turned upside down because of the incompetency of a few insatiable millionaires.

William McCarthy

Athens, Ga.


The Tampa Bay Rays' start to the season was amazing ... until they faced one of the worst teams in the American League, the Royals, and got swept in a doubleheader! SI curse, much?

Brian Greer

Kansas City, Mo. (Via Facebook)


I have mixed feelings about the hostile takeover of baseball, and in particular the scouting industry, by young know-it-alls (SCORECARD). Would it really hurt to pair up a veteran scout and a New Age quant and let them learn from one another? Old-time players, coaches and scouts are a joy to listen to; their depth of knowledge about the game is humbling—and it would have the added benefit of helping the newcomers. It seems to me that baseball is making a big mistake by ignoring these experts.

Carl Allamanno

San Leandro, Calif. (Via Facebook)

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