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Trail Blazer


Hiker Jeff Garmire appeared in FACES IN THE CROWD in the Dec. 12, 2016, issue, after reaching the southern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail. He became the fifth person to complete the calendar-year U.S. long-trail triple crown, which includes the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, covering the 7,636 miles in 253 days. Now, Garmire is back on top of the hiking world: In April the 28-year-old from Vancouver, Wash., shattered the speed record on the 800-mile Arizona Trail. Powering through a 30-mile stretch of the Grand Canyon that was covered in up to four feet of snow, he finished the trek in 15 days, 13 hours and 10 minutes, surpassing the previous mark by more than three days. Six days after crossing the line at the Utah-Arizona border, Garmire was back practicing his craft on California trails.