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Flight Club

JOSH DOBBS is proud to be a nerd. Before he was drafted in the fourth round by the Steelers in 2017 to back up quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, he graduated from Tennessee with a 4.0 average and a degree in aerospace engineering. "I was always fascinated with airplanes," says Dobbs, who grew up in Alpharetta, Ga. In the latest installment of 24 Hours With ... SI TV traveled with Dobbs to Waco, Texas, as he fulfilled a childhood dream: flying a fighter jet with the Air Force demonstration squadron known as the Thunderbirds.

While he tries to fend off Mason Rudolph on Pittsburgh's QB depth chart, Dobbs has an eye on his post-NFL career, which may include designing airplanes. "Kids have dreams in athletics and academics, and people try to put a lid on it and say you can't do both," says Dobbs, 24, who has attempted 12 passes in his two seasons with the Steelers. "I'm here to say you can. There's enough time in the day to accomplish everything you want in the classroom and on the sports field as long as you have the discipline and the time management to do it."


Watching game tape with an NFL player can be very illuminating, especially with someone as knowledgeable as safety Eric Weddle (below), who recently signed a two-year deal with the Rams after spending 12 seasons with the Ravens and the Chargers. The MMQB's Andy Benoit sat down for The Big Interview with Weddle, who offered insight on everything about the game.


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