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There's not much doubt who will go with the first pick, but there are plenty of other story lines to follow


If there's a non-Duke star to be found, the smart bet is on Murray State's Ja Morant, who has risen from obscurity to franchise talent. The first college player to average 20 points and 10 assists, he combines sublime improvisational skills with elite athleticism.


Texas Tech's Jarrett Culver is likely to be among the first five or six picks, but there's a case for him going as high as third. His unselfish offense and defensive-minded approach check key boxes on the wing. He's not flashy, but he's extremely effective.


Standing 7'2" with terrific skill, Oregon's Bol Bol also has a concerning foot injury and a reputation for taking a lackadaisical approach to the game. He may have the widest range of any prospect: He could go in the late lottery, or he could slide to the back of the first round.


Sekou Doumbouya offers some tantalizing upside as a big, versatile combo forward. The latest prized French prospect to make the NBA leap doesn't turn 19 until December, and has teams mulling over his droolworthy physical tools and long-term potential as a shooter.


The Pelicans are mulling Anthony Davis trades. The Hawks are armed with six picks and looking to make moves. And with so many teams preparing to chase big names in free agency, maintaining flexibility is key. Draft night on June 20 should be a popcorn-worthy viewing experience.