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FOR JUNE 3--JUNE 10, 2019


The Stanley Cup story is missing a cool anecdote about the famous photo of Bobby Orr's game-winning goal. I was a sportswriter for the Boston Herald Traveler and was working with our sports editor, Cliff Sundberg, when we saw the photo in the Boston Record-American. Sundberg was so taken by it that he called Record-American sports editor Sam Cohen to congratulate him. Cohen said it almost didn't run. He wasn't satisfied with the photos put before him and asked to see others. When someone brought the Orr picture, Cohen asked why it wasn't shown earlier. He was told that the paper's policy was not to use a photo of a goal unless it showed the puck in the net. Needless to say, Cohen ran the shot.

Robert Temple

Middleborough, Mass.


You do not need to be a soccer fan to think of Megan Rapinoe as an inspirational figure. Her determination to return from injuries to play at the highest level, along with her mind-set to risk her position on the U.S. team to make the world a better place, are awesome. It is so easy for sport figures to engage in cyber noise and not with real issues. It is so refreshing to read about an athlete who puts it all out there, both on and off the field.

John Chan

Naperville, Ill.


In 1993, I was fortunate enough to spot Bart Starr in the Nashville airport, and I asked for an autograph. Not only did he provide it, but he also spent the next 10 minutes just chatting with me. His grace and kindness remain one of my fondest memories, and that autograph is still one of my most prized possessions.

George Kataja

Henniker, N.H.


Two articles on saves and not a mention of Wes Littleton? He earned a save for pitching the last three innings when the Rangers edged the Orioles 30--3 in 2007. Maybe there's some more tinkering to be done with the rule.

Tom Manning



I believe that the World Cup preview photos featuring members of the U.S. women's soccer team accompanied by adoring young players make up the most inspirational cover photo I've seen in print since the famous shot of Brandi Chastain after she scored the World Cup--winning shootout goal in 1999.

David J. Askin

Livingston, N.J.

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