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FOR JUNE 17, 2019


When Anthony Davis first demanded a trade, I was shocked. I had always thought of him as a measured and humble guy who would do anything for New Orleans and the team. Afterward, I viewed him as senseless and coldhearted. But after reading about all the things that Rich Paul had to go through, my views on him and on Davis have changed again. Paul should do whatever he feels is best for his clients.

Reid Urban

San Carlos, Calif.

I found it disturbing to read that Paul says he will not "tolerate" disrespect after I watched Davis injure his shoulder and miss time with the Pelicans, only to play a few days later with LeBron James in the All-Star Game. Hypocrisy comes to mind when juxtaposing Paul's statement with the disrespect his client showed to New Orleans fans.

Larry LaBarrere

West Monroe, La.


Notre Dame: Your next statue should be the first of a woman, right next to Rockne and Parseghian. And that should be Muffet McGraw.

Kevin Connors Orlando


There's an educational policy that also impacts sports. Wisconsin, like many other states, has open enrollment, allowing students to attend any school, regardless of where the family lives. That means parents can "sportsplow" their kids into the school with the best athletic progam. Parents may or may not have a hand in hiring coaches, but they can help to get them fired or pressure them into resignation. Those coaches who survive also know there are far better ways to spend their lives than to put up with that.

Dave Wedeward

Janesville, Wis.


Matthew Boling, the track phenom, is truly an amazing athlete whose collegiate experience will prepare him to compete at the highest levels. The arrival of a student-athlete to Georgia hasn't been this highly anticipated since Herschel Walker arrived in 1980.

William McCarthy

Athens, Ga.


Tom Verducci's look back at Bryce Harper (SCORECARD) had me scratching my head, especially when the article ends by saying that Harper still "owns it." Owns what? A middling batting average and subpar defensive play in the outfield?

George Linzer

Arlington, Va.

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