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FOR JULY 1--8, 2019


There are times when I have had a negative feeling about someone only to read an article that changes my mind. This was not the case with your story about Alex Rodriguez. Only when he comes totally clean about his past PED use should he be truly forgiven. For you to write that he has never come close to discussing this tells me more about Rodriguez's true character than his celebrity girlfriend or his Gulfstream.

Bill Benson

Newburyport, Mass.

Your article on Rodriguez solidified my opinion of him: a wildly successful but comically materialistic egomaniac. A-Rod needs baseball more than baseball needs him.

Craig Ritchie

Barrington, Ill.


Chris Mannix's piece was the perfect encapsulation of the enigma that is Kyle Lowry. Hardheaded but softhearted. Wasn't a lottery pick but has an entire country feeling as if it has just won the jackpot.

Kevin Duong

Markham, Ont.


The assertion that "no eventual champ stood so low, so late into the season as the ultimate underdog Blues" overlooks the 1914 Miracle Boston Braves, who were in last place on July 4 (26--40), then went 68--19 for the rest of the season and swept the Philadelphia Athletics in the World Series.

Mike Rice

Carrollton, Mo.

The NBA Finals ran for eight pages. Even the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest got a full page. The St. Louis Blues received 2½ inches of type and one photo. Does SI no longer consider the NHL a major league? Maybe if the players ate hot dogs from the Stanley Cup it would get more coverage.

Thomas Baker

Ballwin, Mo.


Thank you for your story about Action Park. Brings back great memories. Yeah, I fell off that Alpine Slide and bled a bit but kept going back. Some of the best days of my youth were spent there. We never found it dangerous. Just exciting and fun.

Steven Bellantese

Bronxville, N.Y.


I was surprised that your piece on minor league ballpark cuisine (SCORECARD, June 17) omitted the "garbage plate." The Triple A Rochester (N.Y.) Red Wings change their names to the Plates for each Thursday home game, in honor of this local delicacy, which consists of macaroni salad, baked beans and home fries, topped with meat sauce, onions, mustard and either two red hots or two burgers. It's the best!

Les Kernan

Macedon, N.Y.

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