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6 This week we add a more difficult exercise: the knee-to-nose kick

We are still building on the four basic exercises we started the first week, so begin with them, add last week's (No. 5) and then this week's, the knee-to-nose kick. This exercise is for the seat, which if it is either flat or fat can be unattractive. To stretch the back, tighten and round the seat, add this exercise to your daily program, which by now should 'last for 15 minutes. Next week: the torso twist.

TIPS FOR LIVING: When walking downstairs, tighten your seat on first flight, relax on second, tighten the abdominal muscles on third and so on.

Get on your hands and knees, dropping your head down. Then bring your right knee as close to your nose as possible. Don't hurry; your knee and nose will touch eventually. Just keep attempting to bring them together.

Now raise your head and at the same time stretch your right leg as far back and as high as you can. Repeat the knee-nose touching and leg raising eight times with the right leg, then do the same thing eight times with the left.