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7 The torso twist will take off unwanted bulge in the middle

For the fourth week we'll take up the problem of the thickening waistline, the classic sign of advancing age. If fat insists on settling around the middle, get rid of it. It can't rest easy in a spot that's being worked hard. Twisting and turning, lifting and stooping all help to keep a waistline in line. By this time you should be taking 15 minutes of exercise a day. If you're succeeding, that's one hour and 45 minutes a week, or about six times as much activity as the children in elementary schools get. If 15 consecutive minutes seem too much, try three periods of five minutes each during the day, Next week: hip shift and deep knee bends.

TIPS FOR LIVING: At mealtime, sit as tall as you can between courses, relax during the rest of the meal.

Stand with feet apart. Hold slightly bent arms at shoulder level. Swing as far around as possible, looking toward your swing and raising your head.

Repeat the same movement, but this time swing in the opposite direction. Do 10 sets of these twists, then bend forward about 45° and do 10 more twists.