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10 The side stretch ends preparation for your second six-week program

For the last exercise in your first six-week stint, Bonnie shows you the side stretch. It will give you a supple, limber trunk, which is a must for all forms of sport. After this week comes the time of reckoning. Gather your wits, your new shape, your tape measure and charts, and determine what changes and where have taken place in your body in six weeks. If you've been faithful about doing the exercises and have eaten sensibly, you should have your bulges in the right places, but—more important—you should feel better, more alive. You'll be encouraged enough about your progress to embark on the second of Bonnie's six-week programs. To get ready, make new charts using your SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ones as a model. Next week: exercises for college men and women, which are also valuable for every age.

Standing with feet apart, lean to left and place your left hand on your left leg as far down as you can. The other arm stretches over the head. Bounce four times.

Shift to the other side and bounce down four times. Be sure your body is kept flat and does not twist or bend forward. Relax head and neck. Do eight sets.