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13 The floor swim helps strengthen upper and lower back muscles

Many people today suffer from a combination of weak backs and muscular tension, which separately or together contribute to discomfort and pain in the upper and lower back. With this exercise Bonnie Prudden shows you how to avoid or correct this condition. If you notice strain in your lower back while doing the exercise, place a pillow under your body and then continue. Eventually you should be able to do the exercise without the pillow.

TIPS FOR LIVING: When walking, tighten your abdominal muscles for 10 steps, release them for 10, then repeat.

Lie prone on the floor and raise your right arm and your left leg at the same time. Gradually increase height, number and speed of lifts.

Repeat the exercise with the left arm and the right leg raised simultaneously. For variety, raise both arms or both legs at the same time.