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16 The tiger stretch makes you supple and graceful

The tiger stretch, as demonstrated here by Bonnie Prudden, is an exercise that will strengthen and stretch muscles in the torso, the legs and the arms. The sinuous and feline movement will make you supple and graceful whether you are walking across a room or swinging at a golf ball. It looks complicated, but actually the phases are natural and relatively simple. Now that you're beginning the 12th week of your exercise program, you should be able to do this easily.

A Kneel with knees apart and hold your weight as close to your heels as possible stretch your arms forward as far as you can.

B Bend your elbows and transfer your weight to your hands as you thrust your body forward while keeping chin just above the floor.

C Straighten elbows, round your back and while holding your abdominal muscles tight return to position A. Repeat this five times