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17 The lateral stretch corrects both flabby arms and rounded shoulders

The lateral stretch is particularly good for women because it helps enhance the bust line and makes firm the flabby upper arm so prevalent among women over 25 who otherwise have fine figures. But men will benefit, too, since the exercise, designed and demonstrated here by the indefatigable Miss Prudden, aids in correcting rounded shoulders and is a good stretching exercise for the entire torso. This being your 13th week of following your fitness program, it is time again to make new charts for your third six-week stint. The rule is still a minimum of 15 minutes per day of exercise, although by now you are probably doing more.

Rest weight evenly on knees and left hand, with fingers turned toward head. Bring right shoulder to the floor and thrust right hand through the arch.

Fling your right arm (take it easy at first) to right and up overhead, following the hand with your eyes. Repeat the exercise eight times on each side.