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19 Caterpillar walk makes you as limber as a child

A revealing measure of your physical age, which need not correspond to your chronological age, is your inclination or relutance to bend over and touch the floor. You need strength and flexibility to bend as effortlessly and unconsciously as you did in childhood. The caterpillar walk, demonstrated here by lithe Bonnie Prudden, whose chronological and physical ages are about 20 years apart, will get you in shape to bend with as much suppleness and grace as a youngster.

Keeping your legs straight and well apart, drop your trunk forward until your hands support your weight and touch the floor about in line with your feet (left). Then swing your arms and upper body forward as far in front of your feet as you can reach (below).

With a jump, bring your feet up again in line with your hands as in the starting position (above). Progress across the floor this way, but start slowly and work up speed and number of repetitions. Three sets of this exercise are enough for you to do in the beginning.