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22 This exercise helps you retain or recapture the flexibility of youth

The flexibility exercise designed and demonstrated here by Bonnie is the forerunner of more intricate movements that you will be learning in the next few weeks. Before you can attempt the ones that will follow, you must master this simple exercise. The important thing to remember here is that your hands should do the work, pulling your body toward your leg, which must be held straight. This exercise helps you avoid backache and tension. Men, who are less flexible than women, will find it more difficult to do.

Bonnie Prudden appears on NBC's Dave Garroway show every Thursday

Sit with your legs spread to form a V. Place your left hand on your left ankle and your right hand on the inside of your left thigh above the knee. Relax and with your hands pull your trunk down toward your left leg in short, easy bounces. Bounce eight times, then straighten to a sitting position and repeat eight times with the other leg. Do four sets.