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28 A variation on an earlier thigh rotation exercise, this one will make legs firmer, handsomer

This week Bonnie demonstrates for you a more complicated version of the thigh rotation exercise (see below) which you learned several weeks ago. Like its simpler predecessor, this exercise makes your legs stronger, firmer and more attractive. If you have neglected so far to include No. 24 in your daily fitness program, go back and learn it before attempting to do this more advanced one.

To warm up, repeat No. 24: lying on back with, feet on the floor, twist feet first inward, then outward. Begin this week's exercise by raising your legs about six inches (below), support seat with hands and repeat the inward-outward foot twist.

With feet wide apart, still raised six inches from the floor, do eight complete movements, rest, then do eight more. To make this exercise still more challenging, carry the legs inward until the toes touch; then turn them outward as far as possible.

Master No. 24 before trying this week's more difficult version of the thigh rotation.