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30 Climbing the flagpole

This exercise is designed to help you acquire a trim, flat abdomen

This week's exercise, which Bonnie calls "the flagpole," gives your abdominal muscles even more of a workout than last week's leg stretch and is the next step in the series of abdominal exercises which you started doing last August. Be sure to include several different abdominal maneuvers in each of your daily fitness sessions. Weak muscles in this area are common, and strengthening them will not only make you feel better but will reduce unsightly bulges. In this one be sure to keep your raised leg as straight as possible and relax completely when you drop back to the floor.

Lie flat on the floor with hands placed slightly above the level of your head. Raise your right leg to as perfect a 90° angle as you can manage.

Swing your trunk up and grab right ankle with hands. If this is hard at first, go up leg hand over hand. Repeat with left leg. Do five each.