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31 Mother-and-daughter Act

Bonnie and teen-age Suzy begin a series of parent-child exercises

Today's parents are as concerned about the physical well-being of their youngsters as they are bewildered by what to do about it. Since children, like most people, are more impressed with actions than talk, a good way to ensure their getting enough physical activity is to get into the act yourself and exercise along with them. Both generations may be in for a pleasant surprise at how much fun it is to keep the family in shape. This week Bonnie and her 14-year-old daughter, Suzy, begin demonstrating a series of exercises which are ideal for a family program. When Suzy was two weeks old Bonnie started her on a fitness routine with 10 minutes of stretching exercises on the bathinette. Later the two of them crawled "like caterpillars," jumped "like kangaroos" and hopped "like rabbits." At the age of 6 Suzy was included in family hiking and rock climbing expeditions. She was permitted to get dirty climbing trees and wet falling into the water. (Too many parents prohibit children from following their natural physical bent, says Bonnie, and the result is weak muscles and a fearful child.) Today Suzy actively enjoys a dozen sports. She is strong, lithe and vital, with a great zest for life and the energy with which to enjoy it. You can give your children the same gifts of fun and fitness.

Lock arms with the left shoulders together. Push against each other, gradually increasing the force. When both are in balance, hold for five seconds.

Grasp right wrists, with right feet against each other. Pull slowly. More pressure can be exerted by dropping closer to floor. Hold for five seconds.