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Tumbling Twosome 32

A fine exercise for balance and the development of torso, arms, wrists

This week Bonnie and her 14-year-old daughter Suzy demonstrate one of a number of simple tumbling stunts which parents can profitably start doing with children as young as one year old. Somersaults are also good, and children always enjoy the "wheelbarrow," which will be shown in a later issue. The handstand is particularly valuable for balance, and it also develops muscles in the torso, arms and wrists. Eventually the parent and the child will be able to do the exercise without needing each other's assistance, either standing free or with a wall at their backs to keep them from falling.

After Bonnie finds the proper balance point, with her legs held as straight as possible, Suzy stands ready to guard against a fall.

While she is held, Suzy tightens her seat, watches the shoe to keep her head up. She should return to the floor one leg at a time.