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34 Hands Are to Walk With

A good way to build up weak arms is to pretend you are a wheelbarrow

Children are especially fond of doing the wheelbarrow exercise demonstrated here by Bonnie and her daughter Suzy. In addition to the movements shown below, the same basic exercise can be varied and made more difficult by holding the "wheelbarrow" by the ankles, since the nearer to her feet you hold her the more weight her arms must bear. Another variation is having the "wheelbarrow" go up a flight of stairs. However you do it, this tumbling exercise is excellent for building strong arms, chests and backs.

This version is for beginners. Parent grasps the child's thighs, child walks with hands. Start with 10 "steps" and work up to 50 as fast as you can.

When only one leg is held below the knee the exercise is much harder. The easier way should be mastered first. Partner holds first one, then other leg.