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35 Pulling out of a slump

This example of mutual resistance stretches back, hamstring muscles

This week'sthree-part invention demonstrated by Bonnie and her daughter Suzy is anothertype of resistance exercise, where the aim is to achieve balance and not toovercome the partner. Be sure to proceed slowly and go only as far as you canwithout painful strain. The exercise will stretch the back and hamstringmuscles and is good for straightening backs which have become round fromconstant sitting. Small children usually have the straight back Suzy shows inthe first picture, but it often is lost by the time they reach school age. Thissimple exercise will help them retain or regain it.

Facing each otherwith legs widespread, child's feet inside the parent's, grasp small stick,straighten back, hold for five counts.

Child rolls backslowly, pulling parent forward as far as the child's leg muscles allow.

Parent pulls thechild forward gently, without dislodging child from sitting position.