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Some Ups and Downs 36

Bonnie and Suzy demonstrate a new exercise that helps you relax

For their last duet in a series of six mother-and-daughter exercises, Bonnie and Suzy demonstrate the "seesaw." By now, if you have been following Bonnie's fitness program, your body should be capable of these lifts without undue strain. In the "seesaw" the lifting partner should move slowly and the lifted partner hang completely loose and relaxed. When two young children start this exercise, an adult should stand by to help with balance. The "seesaw" movement is useful in strengthening arms, abdominal muscles and legs and also helps teach you how to relax under tension.

Stand back to back, hands gripping short stick as close to the shoulders as possible, and stoop until the curve of your seat is under your partner's.

Parent slowly leans forward, lifting child off floor. If sizes are about equal, parent and child can exchange roles. Otherwise only parent does lifting.