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38 A big lift for your looks

Stretching the chest muscles aids both posture and attractiveness

This week's exercise, which again raids the kitchen for ironing board and chairs, will develop your chest and shoulder muscles. When these muscles are strong, they help maintain good posture and an attractive figure. Shortened chest muscles contribute to "round back" and a sagging chest in both sexes and all ages. Start the exercise holding a light book in each hand. As you get stronger, increase the weight of the books, but always use a pair in which each is approximately the same weight as the other. For a variation, let your arms cross over and then drop down when you are at the peak of the lift. This increases the pull on arms and shoulders.

Lie on back, feet resting on top of chair, outstretched arms holding books. Gradually lower arms to floor. Bounce arms gently.

Keeping arms straight, raise books slowly overhead, then lower slowly to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.