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40 Build up from a letdown

The advanced push-up gives you a stretch to straighten the body

This advanced three-point push-up is the last in Bonnie's series of exercises using kitchen furniture as apparatus. Before tackling it, you should have thoroughly mastered the regular push-up. The only difference in this advanced form is that you raise yourself from chairs instead of from the floor. The more difficult version strengthens the chest, back and insteps and helps keep the body straight. This exercise might be called an extreme stretch, so don't be discouraged if at first you are uncomfortable while doing it. Start easily with one push-up and work up to more as your strength increases.

With each hand on a chair and your feet on a third, your elbows bent, lower your body slowly resting your weight on hands and feet.

Stiffen arms and raise your body, balancing on hands and toes. If your strength is not equal to this, do only "letdowns" at first.