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42 Reaching new heights

Vaulting over a sawhorse will strengthen arms and shoulders

Since vaulting over fences is virtually a lost art but still an excellent exercise, Bonnie has designed a substitute using the versatile sawhorse she introduced in last week's issue. Even if you don't see any need in your life for negotiating a fence, you will see the value of vaulting when you realize that this exercise is especially good for strengthening arms and shoulders which have weakened with the decline in our lives of hanging on barn rafters and leaping fences. Besides giving you a delightful sensation of flying through the air with ease, this sawhorse exercise will also help develop your coordination and timing.

Take a firm grip on the saw-horse, right hand with fingers away from body, left hand with fingers toward body. Rest your weight on hands. Cross right leg behind left, prepare to swing.

As you swing over, throw your legs up as high as you can. Keep your head in line with the horse. After landing on right foot, reverse direction of your vault. Strengthen both sides equally.