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Chinning for a change 45

A childhood challenge in a new version helps adults achieve all-round fitness

One of the best ways to replace the body-building advantages of the daily physical chores Americans no longer have to perform is to do chin-ups. Since chinning while hanging from a bar is too difficult at first for many people, the faithful saw-horse does duty again in this week's exercise. Begin doing the horizontal pull-up with a sawhorse, as demonstrated below by Bonnie, and as soon as you have enough strength, move on to a chinning bar. Don't be afraid to show off; chinning is excellent for girls and women as well as boys and men.

Lie on floor under horse. Grasp bar successively with hands on opposite sides, both hands on far and both on near side.

Keeping heels on floor, raise your body so that chest is as close to bar as possible. Hold five seconds, let down, repeat.