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Pulling a fast rope trick

47 A new series takes you up on a rope to strengthen hands, arms and shoulders

This week Bonnie begins a new group of rope tricks that will add to your fitness while giving you a delightful sensation of flying through the air. The rope you need costs little and does much for strengthening hands, arms and shoulders. It is a valuable addition to any backyard, gymnasium or school. Hang the rope anywhere there is enough space to swing back, forth and around. You should use one-inch Manila rope, 15 feet long. Knot it twice at the top around a beam or branch of a tree, then tie one knot at the bottom end of the rope, which will swing free.

Master swinging on the rope before you attempt to climb it. Stand on the knot and pump as you do on a regular swing.

Work up to rope-climbing by lying flat, keeping your body rigid and pulling hand over hand to a standing position.