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A double challenge

49 Two ropes are more versatile than one and can substitute for a chinning bar

This month Bonnie adds a second rope for her third exercise in the rope series. Make sure that the ropes are of the same thickness and length: 15 feet of one-inch Manila is recommended. Tie the pair three feet apart, securing the second one as you did the first by knotting it twice around a beam or tree branch. Tie a knot at the other end. Now you are ready to chin, using double ropes instead of a chinning bar. After each effort, stretch the muscles you have contracted before repeating the exercise.

Grab ropes as high as you can and, without jumping, pull body up. If you can't pull up, jump, grab, then lower slowly.

Repeat with legs spread. Vary hand hold: palms out, palms in. Try it in sitting position, or with the legs straight out.