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Exercise at a new angle 50

Holidays got you down? Try a new view of things and get in shape upside down

If the holidays have turned your world upside down, perhaps you can get one up on the situation by turning yourself upside down. Certainly, participation in some form of exercise will reduce that hectic feeling that often overtakes one at this time of year and will help keep you in shape to cope with the season's shopping and festivities. To get the most out of this exercise, do it as slowly as possible. After you have become expert, omit the legs-apart position and go directly to legs-together.

When you think you are in balance, bring the legs together. Tighten seat, abdominal muscles. Return by curling into ball.

Grasp ropes at shoulder level. Kick feet up in front as you curl your body into a tight, knee-bent ball. Slide feet up ropes.